Best Wella Toner For Orange Hair [Top 10 Recommendations]

Are you worried about your brassy hair tones? Yes, it isn’t delightful when the hair becomes yellow or orange for the bleaching tone. To remove this tanned hair tone, hair toner is the ultimate solution. 

Wella hair toner is the most popular option in the market. As its popularity, it works very well too. Within three shades of Wella toner, it can remove all types of tanned hair color, including the orange, red, and yellow tone. 

The best Wella toner for orange hair is something that removes all your worries by creating a new unique color. Yes, these toners remove the orange tone of the hair and make another interesting hair shade. If you learn the features of the top Wella toner, you can choose one for your purpose. So, read out this article and find the right match.

Editor’s Recommendations: Top 3 Best Wella Toner For Orange Hair

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Wella Toner For Orange Hair

Wella hair color toner is an excellent solution for orange hair. While it is about choosing the right Wella toner, you have to match your hair’s need to the Toner. Some facts need to be considered to select the right hair toner.

Let’s discuss those facts.

  • The first fact is the Wella hair toner color wheel, and the second consideration is the hair level. You have to select the toner color opposite your bleached hair tone. The opposite hair toner color will neutralize the hair tone.

Best Wella Toner For Orange Hair

For blonde hair, you have to select purple hair toner, and it is perfect for neutralizing the yellowish tone of the hair.

You have to select the blue hair toner for the orange hair, and for the reddish hair, you have to choose the green hair toner.

  • Hair level is counted from 1 to 10. Number 1 is the darkest color tone, and number 10 is the lightest. Ensure that you have found the hair level number darker or the same as your hair tone. Now match it with the color wheel to find the necessary Wella hair color toner.

Now Wella hair toner offers eight hair colors to remove the tanned color. These eight colors come from three color families- ash, Silver, and Beige. 

  • Wella Ash hair toner- T14 (pale ash) and T18 (lightest ash)
  • Wella Silver hair toner- T10 (pale blonde) and T28 (natural blonde)
  • Wella Beige hair toner- T11 (most golden beige blonde), T15 (pale beige), T27 (medium beige), and T35 (beige blonde).

Now how to choose the right hair toner for your hair? Know the match.

T10- If your hair has turned into a yellow-orange color tone for the bleaching, you can choose this hair toner. It will transform your hair into platinum silver or pale silver color. 

T11- If your hair is yellow after bleaching and you want to make it the lightest beige shade, then this T1 is the right choice.

T14- It is also known as a silver lady. It works great for the pre-bleached yellowish hair shade. It turns the hair into pale ash blonde color.

T15- If your hair is golden yellow after bleaching it, T15 Wella toner is the solution to transform it into beige blonde color.

T18- It is a violet-based hair toner and is also known as a white lady. It removes the brassiness and yellowish tone and turns the hair into the lightest ash blonde color. 

T27- when you want a medium-dark beige blonde color but did not achieve after using T11 Wella toner, and you can use this T27. It will darken the color.

T28- This Wella toner is the correct choice for the hair pre-enlightened by yellow or bleached and turned into yellow. It will make your hair color natural blonde.

T35- If your hair is reddish-orange and you want to remove it, you must use this violet-green Wella toner. It will give a perfect shade of beige color.

So, be wise and correctly choose the Wella toner shade to get the best benefit.

Top 10 Best Wella Toner For Orange Hair

The best Wella toner is the best solution for orange hair. Here, you will get ten Wella additives that perform the best to remove the brassy tone and give your hair lovely hair color. You will find the correct match for your hair and remove the unwanted manner from these ten additives. So, choose one from the list below.

1. Wella Brass Kicker Permanent Liquid Violet Color Additive

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The Wella brass kicker is one of the best toners for tanned orange hair to provide a permanent solution. This liquid Toner vanishes the hair’s tanned orange or golden tones and makes a light violet-blue color. This Toner is made of two base colors- violet and blue. This combination of colors creates a pleasant and smooth color presentation on hair. It removes all the tanned conditions from all the hair.

An important benefit of the hair toner is that it covers the hair evenly. It makes a perfect spread over the head and creates a smooth hair color. After bleaching your hair, it is the ultimate solution. It removes the brassiness clean and clear. With excellent reliability, this Wella additive brings color luster to level 7.

This Toner is easy to apply. No need for an expert hand. You have to mix one part of the blonder Toner and 2 parts of the developer. After making a perfect mixture, it is ready to apply. The consistency is suitable for all types of hair, and you can feel the smoothness of the paste.

Then use it all over your head. This additive works faster too. You have to keep it applied only for 10 to 15 minutes. After resting it for a desired time, rinse your hair with lukewarm water. You should not use shampoo before 24 hours.

Then you will get all tanned parts of your hair removed. It will turn the hair into silkier hair in light bluish violet color. So, get this hair additive and solve the harshness and brassiness of your hair.


  • It makes hair smooth and silky
  • Easy to apply 
  • Evenly spread over the hair
  • A standard color presentation on hair


  • Gets faded within a few weeks
  • No products found.

2. Wella Color Charm Blonde Hair Dye

Wella ColorCharm Permanent Liquid Hair Color for Gray Coverage, 008NW Light Naturalural Warm Blonde

This Wella hair color brings a charming ultra-light blonde color to your hair. It is surprisingly excellent. This color is a standard color that makes a professional look and matches casual attire. With fantastic gray coverage all over the hair, this Wella is a perfect addition to solve the brassiness problem of your hair.

The most fantastic fact is that this Wella makes a long-lasting color of your hair. After applying this color, it works to develop the liquefies technology that makes a durable hair color set. With a vibrance of grayish color over the hair, it stays longer as it is. It does not even fade. The liquefies technology fuse the additive so deep that it can nourish your hair from inside and lock the color deeply. 

This additive is also easy to use. You do not have to learn the procedure. You just follow the instruction of the packaging. Make a paste mixture with one portion of toner liquid and two portions of the developer. Then it is perfect for applying over your hair.

It mixes with hair evenly. You have to keep it on your hair for 30 to 45 minutes. Then washing with lukewarm is the finishing step. After completing the process, you’ll see the result right away. But after three to four days, you will see an extra shine on your hair.

Coloring the hair leaves all the brassiness and creates a soothing smell. The fragrance is so adorable that people will love the scent around you. So, collect this item from the market and have nice hair.


  • Long-lasting coloring effect
  • Additional shine over your hair
  • Smooth and silky effect
  • Create vibrance of grayish color


  • Need extra care to prevent hair fall

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3. Wella 8A – 8/1 Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Wella Color Charm Demi Permanent Hair Color8A Light Ash Blonde

When your hair is wholly tanned and orange, Wella 8A works great to remove all the brassiness. You can select this Wella hair color to create a new elegance on your head. It not only removes the tanned orange color of hair; it also refreshes all the hair. After applying this color, it stays longer over your hair and keeps them nourished. 

With the excellent finishing of gray blending, this hair color brings extra shine up to 43 %. If your hair color is darker comparatively, then the brightness will increase. Some hair color bleaches the hair and makes your hair brighter than you expect.

This smoothening Wella hair color will soften your hair and lighten the shade with a grayish touch.  Yes, it is a semi-permanent hair color, and so, it fades but after a long time. These functionalities make this additive a multi-purpose job from gray blending, toning, and glazing to bring a lowlights effect.

This hair color works with cremefuse technology that becomes a smooth consistency cream. This cream penetrates hair smoothly and fuses perfectly, responsible for delivering a vibrant color presentation. With this vibrance, it becomes additional fade-resistant though it is semi-permanent.

One package holds enough Toner and developer, which allows you to apply it twice. So, you can apply for the first time, check if it is correct, and then apply again to bring perfection. So not late, and grab this item as soon as you can.


  • Cremefuse technology involved
  • Versatile application options
  • Fade-resistant effect
  • Smooth blending and grayish finishing


  • Much darker on dark hair than expected

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4. Wella Color Charm 6A Red Hair Dye Color

Wella ColorCharm Permanent Liquid Hair Color for Gray Coverage, 6A Dark Smokey Ash Blonde

A much young, vibrant hair color with high affordability comes with this 6A Wella hair color. A brilliant vibrance of this hair color makes the best red effect on hair. The color is unique and brings a dark smokey ash blonde over red impact. This combination mixes so perfectly after application that it will please you deeply. With a classic color combination, this is rich in nourishing your hair.

This hair color also works with cremefuse technology to make the effect long-lasting. It creates bright and vibrant color over hair and condition hair. It conditions the hair up to 60% and smoothens it with 43% shine.

Overall effect nourishes your hair and creates a stunning color. It blends the color perfectly and makes a long-lasting color effect with great coverage all over the hair. The liquid-fuse technology penetrates the pigment inside the hair follicle and fuses it permanently to bring this long-lasting effect. This permanent coloring cream keeps your hair nourished.

The incredible feature of this hair color is that this is an intermixing of 68 colors. That is why it can bring an exciting coloring effect. There is a blending of warm ash, gold, and gray with the red base color.

When the conditioning effect of this additive smoothens the hair, it creates a charming light fragrance. This fragrance also lasts a few days that provide an extra benefit. All the functions ensure the true-to-tone effect that you do not confuse. What you want, you will get that correctly. So, if you have tanned orange hair, you can be sure of getting the right solution.


  • Perfect blend and mixture of varieties colors
  • The unique reddish-gray blonde color effect
  • Long-lasting coloring prevents fading
  • Liquid-fuse technology involved


  • Coloring is quite brighter

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5. Wella Semi-Permanent Color Charm Paints

Semi Permanent Paints Hair Color Blood Orange, 2 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Wella brings specialized color charm paints, which are absolutely safer for hair follicles and skull skin. This paint is free of ammonia, parabens, and peroxide. That is why you can use this hair color with the surety of risk-free service.

This paint is easier to apply than other additives as this paint is ready to mix directly from the bottle. You do not have to mix the Toner with the developer. It is already integrated into proper proportion. So, you do not have to follow any instructions. Just take and apply over your head.

This Wella palette has the intermix ability. You will find nine colors, from a clear lacquer to Fuchsia color. All the colors are inter-mixable. You can create your color taste by mixing three hair Wella colors. The mixing of different color charm paints creates a unique and exciting color.

If you need to make formal hair color, you can make a perfect standard and professional hair color. On the other hand, you also can make suitable casual hair colors.

This semi-permanent hair color is perfect for making different hair colors, and also you can change it after a specific time. This color stays on your hair till 20 washes, and then you can make another new color that transforms your look.

As this hair color is free of ammonia, paraben, and peroxide, you can be sure of your safety and use this hair color several times in a specific time interval. It opens an option to get a new look frequently. Isn’t it amazing?

This hair color is easy to use directly from the bottle, and you can store it without any worry. Close the cap after operating the necessary amount of the hair color and then keep it for the next application. So, have this Wella hair color and get a fantastic benefit.


  • Hair colors are inter-mixable
  • Safer for hair as it is free of ammonia, parabens, and peroxide
  • Easier to use 
  • Semi-permanent until 20 washes


  • Not so good for dark hair

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6. Wella Blondor Pale Silver Permanent Hair Dye

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Are you fed up with your tanned orange hair? Then make it silver-gray and bring a new and unique look. Wella Blondor Pale silver hair dye is an excellent solution to yellowish or orange hair. Transform it in different methods, including balayage, highlights, or all-over coloring process.

When you grab this hair color toner, there will be several options for transforming your hair. There are five different colors of this hair toner that are inter-mixable. So, you can customize the color then apply it as you deem fit.

It comes with a tint applicator brush to make it easy to apply over the hair. This brush allows the even spreading of the hair color all over the head and make a true-to-see color. So, there is no chance of being wronged or confused.

As you see the paint on the packaging, you can get the same color on your hair. This color does not fade or change over time. It stays the same from the very first time after applying it.

This hair toner is easy to make ready to apply by mixing the Toner and the developer. After mixing the color of the mixture, you will get the natural result of the hair color. That is why you can be sure of the paint before applying it to your hair. No need to test. With the most significant safety of your hair, you can rely on this hair toner for a more extended period. 


  • 5 hair dye that is interminable
  • Customizable brass kicker
  • True to tone color
  • Applicator brush included


  • The smell is quite strong

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7. Wella Color Tango Hair Color Developer

Wella Color Tango Developer 6 Volume - 2oz

If you want to achieve the right color tone from the hair toner, you need a perfect developer. Wella brings this tango hair color developer. This developer can create the right match for your desired color. Mixing the developer with the Toner of your chosen color changes the configuration and makes the correct output. Then it is ready to apply over your hair which shows the true-to-tone hair color.

This developer makes a smooth and masque mixture paste that is easy to apply. This mixture spread all over the hair, soft and even. So, even if you are not an expert, you can use this mixture correctly.

This developer produces the right tone of color and makes extra shine on hair. When you get the luster of hair color, you will like it more, and it is not possible only by the Toner. The perfect mixture of the Toner with the developer can do it.

After applying this hair developer with Toner, it increases the longevity of the hair color. With the combination of some hair toner, it makes a permanent hair color. This hair color developer has a lipid formula to condition your hair and keep them nourished for long. So, with the removal of brassiness, you can create a fantastic hair color with the protein treatment effect.

This deposit-only hair color developer is easy to use with no lifting option. Besides, you will get this hair color developer at a low price range, making it easy to get and use frequently. This hair color toner is safe for changing your hair color often, and you can do it. The nourishing effect of the developer keeps the hair safer and makes it ready to work with different Toner.

Three bottles types hold three volumes of a developer. While this one offers no lifting option for minor use, the others are for 2 to 3 lifting hair color developing options. So, you can get any type of container anytime from the market and use it for several color development.


  • Cream consistency for even application
  • Provides extra shine to hair
  • Develop true to tone color
  • Long-lasting coloring effect


  • It makes odor

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8. Wella Color Perfect Creme Gel Toner

Wella Perfect Permanent Creme Gel Toner, T9b Pale Beige Blonde, 2 Ounce

When you want to create a natural look with your hair color, this Wella hair toner is perfect. It creates a perfect beige blonde color over your head and makes you stunning. This toner formula is suitable for all hair types.

You just have to make the mixture with a developer and apply it. After using it evenly, you will like it with the new appearance of your hair. The pale blonde look is perfect to match your official attire and a casual dress. You are now all set to join in a party or go for an office tour.

This Toner is permanent as it has a long-lasting hair coloring effect. It does not fade away with time. This Toner is interminable. With the mixture of a developer, you can create any type of blending shade from light to dark.

As people have different color tastes and choices, you can create unique shades and apply them to your hair. After making the mixture, you can predict the hair color after wash. So, it is easy to make a perfect toning mixture.

The color of the hair appears in a way that seems so natural. People may not understand the modification. They can think that it is your natural hair color. 

This creme gel toner correctly mixes with the developer and makes a perfect paste mixture. That is why it is perfectly set on the hair and after 20 to 30 minutes stay, it can make the desired hair color. As it is reasonable in terms of price, you can get the Toner in your budget and create a unique appearance. So, become elegant with the fantastic Wella toner.


  • Perfect mixture with developer
  • Long-lasting hair color
  • Ensure the safety of the hair health
  • Interminable to create an ideal color shading


  • Can cause an allergic reaction

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9. Wella Midway COUTURE Hair Color Dye

Wella Midway Couture Demi-Plus Hair Color, 2/3n Dark Brown, 2 Ounce

Wella brings another hair color dye to create a natural gray blending. Within removing orange tan, this hair color makes a new look that lasts longer than you expect. In this present corporate time, flat gray color is not enough to make the necessary change to tanned hair.

It needs some modifications of color variety. Actually, it makes a nice blending of gray/white hair color that makes a multi-dimensional highlight.

This hair color is absolutely safe and correct for tanned hair. It offers a keratin protection complex that moisturizes the hair from the inside. Thus, this solution gives the hair a nourishing effect and additional shine.

If your hair follicle is weak and needs some treatment, this hair color works great to reduce the problem. Such substances strengthen the hair follicle structure by stabilizing it from problematic issues. 

The low ammonia construction of this hair color can equalize the color deposit. Then the mixture becomes perfect, and it blends on hair smooth and fresh. All your hair gets a correct application and creates an exciting color blend of gray and white.

You will also get the tint color brush applicator that makes your job easier with the hair color. It becomes fast as the brush helps the color set on hair smooth and quick.  

As the hair is multi-dimensional setting, t lasts longer. So, you do not have any trouble with the makeup. Every time you can be elegant with a hair look that matches both professional and casual appearance. Keeping the shine over your hair, you will show great elegance with this hair color. So, do not miss the smooth and silky hair finish. 


  • Long-lasting coloring effect
  • Absolutely safer
  • Strengthen the structure of hair follicle
  • Moisturize the hair


  • Do not show the color perfectly when applied in a thin layer

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How To Use Wella Toner For Orange Hair?

To remove the brassiness of the hair, using a Wella toner is easy and simple. The Wella toner not only removes the brassiness but also creates unique color over your hair. So, first, you have to decide the color you like to apply to your hair. Then proceed with the application process through the steps below.

Necessary Ingredients

  • Wella Hair Color Toner
  • Hair color developer (if not included with the Toner)
  • Hand gloves
  • Brush applicator
  • Plastic wrap
  • Glass bowl

Step-1: Preparation

Take the glass bowl to make the mixture. Place one portion of Toner and two portions of color developer into the bowl. Now mix it using the brush. After a while, it will turn into a uniform gel paste. So, it is ready to apply.

Step-2: Test a Small Area

Testing a small area helps you conduct the processing time and show the finishing output on your hair. So, it is a wise decision to perform a test though it takes time.

coloring hair with best wella toner

Find a small hair part that is hard to be visible. Then apply the color on that hair part. Take your time and find the processing time to achieve the finishing color. As this step takes the total processing time, you can skip this step. But testing works fine for accessing the time range.

Step-3: Separate Hair Section and Apply

Separate your hair into thin layers and keep them on two sides of your neck. It will be easy to apply the color. Now apply the hair color toner using the brush applicator. Make sure that all the hair is getting saturated perfectly. You can start applying the Toner from the face and neck part and then slowly enter the middle portion.

Using Wella Toner For Orange Hair

Step-4: Wait for Toner to Set

You must wait for a specific time range to get the desired color tone. In the first 5 minutes, you may see that the hair turns into dark blue or purple color. Do not worry about it. It is natural. The accurate color will arrive with the necessary time range, and it becomes light.

If you want to get a lighter shade, you should not wait more than 10-12 minutes. If you’re going to get the darker shade, you have to wait for 20-30 minutes, as the instruction of the Toner suggests.

Step-5: Wash Your Hair

When you get the desired color tone at the correct shade, you have to wash your hair using shampoo. After washing your hair, you have to apply a conditioner. You must not skip this part. Conditioning helps the hair to keep moisturized.

girl washing her hair after using best wella toner

Many brands suggest a particular conditioner to use after applying the hair color. But the truth is that all the conditioner works the same. You can use any conditioner and keep your hair nourished.

Does Wella Toner Fix Orange Hair?

When you bleach your hair, you are expected to end up with tanned orange or yellow hair. How do you remove it? The solution is ‘Toner.’ Toner removes the tanned portion and creates the desired shade.

How effective is Wella Toner? The answer is ‘great.’ Wella toner works well to change the hair tone and shade and create a new look.

Fixing Orange Hair

Wella toners include ammonia and other chemicals that slightly lift your hair to remove the orange part. Then it creates a new shade by altering the undertone. It does not raise the tone from deep inside, and there is a low risk of hair follicle damage. Besides, some Wella toner includes the moisturizing agent that keeps your hair nourished.

Wella toners are easy to apply and perfect solutions to make the desired color tone. You can manipulate the shade and create a unique style in different ways including highlighting, or all-over coloring.

Some Wella hair dye transforms the yellowish hair color and neutralizes it. Then it turns into a different shade.

Which Is Better Wella T18 or T14?

Both the Wella T14 and T18 are the same liquid creamy toner. You have to apply both of them in the same way that involves making the mixture of Toner and corresponding developer. When you have to choose one from Wella T18 and Wella T4, you must consider two important facts. These two facts differ both significantly. These facts are-

What color hair do you have to treat? And,

What hair color shade do you desire to create?

Wella T14 is for the hair bleached and turns into brassy or orange in color. This T14 liquid cream solution can slightly remove the brassiness and transform the hair into an ash blonde color.

Wella T18 is for yellowish hair color. It can turn the yellow part of the hair into light ash blonde. So, if you have orange hair, you have to choose T14, and if you have yellowish hair, you have to apply the T18 liquid toner.

So, you know that you will get dark ash blonde hair from T14 and light ash blonde color from T18. Both of them are good for your bleached hair.

Final Verdict

It is a common issue to get orange hair after bleaching. Wella toner is an excellent solution for orange hair. These toners are safe for hair, and you can use any toner at any time. Just correctly match the Toner with the hair color needed and then apply. Some hair toners are inter-mixable. You can create your hair tone yourself and turn your look into a unique taste.

This article has a collection of the best Wella toner for orange hair. You can be sure of the safety of your hair and make exciting hair color. If you use the hair toner several times, it will not affect your hair adversely.

Since this Toner is the solution to bleached hair, you can do anything styling, including bleaching. In this present time, styling hair is the most attractive way to change the look. So, stay with Wella hair toner and become elegant everywhere.

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