What Is The Best Color Lipstick For Redheads

Best Color Lipstick For Redheads Reviews

Finding the best color lipstick for redheads can be a challenging task. Redheads can be found in varying shades from light blonde to nearly black, and from alabaster white to dark brown skin. Depending on the color of her hair, you can match a shade of lipstick that will make your lipstick look beautiful and … Read more

Best Lipstick Color For Red Hair And Green Eyes

Best Lipstick Color For Red Hair And Green Eyes

Lipstick is the pillar of every modern woman’s make up kit. However, many women are hunting for perfect shades to highlight their natural coloring. If you have red hair and green eyes, you have a unique and stunning combination that should be highlighted to the max. At this point you might be wondering: “What lip … Read more

Best Red Eyeshadow Palettes To Buy

Best Red Eyeshadow Palettes Reviews

There are a number of celebrities who attributes red eyeshadow with their perfectly beautiful looks. This could be because of color red as it can uplift one’s mood and attitude. Having a great make-up look always starts with the eyes, eyes being the windows to the soul, to some extent. So if you have no … Read more

Best Eyeliner To Use With Lash Extensions

Best Eyeliner To Use With Lash Extensions

Eyeliner is easily one of the fastest-growing makeup trends among women. And this trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Eyeliner also has limitless applications and can be used to accentuate your natural gorgeousness in a variety of ways. Choosing the Best Eyeliner for Your Lash Extensions: Our Top 10 Picks: Best … Read more

Best Gray Eyeshadow | According To Reddit

Best Gray Eyeshadow

So I was pretty nervous when I got the email asking me to review a gray eyeshadow. I thought, “What’s so special about gray eyeshadow? Isn’t anyone going to notice that my eyelid is gray?” Then I started to think about all of my favorite looks, like this smoky eye with purple undertones , or … Read more