PSAT for 5-6-14: Tell your congressman to vote no on HR10 to expand charter schools

The U.S. House is likely to vote this week on HR10, the charter proliferation bill.

Of course, they call it the “Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act.”

Please take a moment today or tomorrow to call or e-mail your Congressman asking him or her to vote NO on HR10. Here’s the fax that PURE sent to Chicago’s delegation:

Chicago parents oppose charter proliferation in HR10

Look at charter school evidence, not expensive PR


This week you will be asked to consider HR10, a bill that funds more charter schools without putting into place adequate accountability requirements. Charter school advocates will try to spin the facts while they ask you to open up the nation’s wallet for more of these privatized programs

Recently, Chicago’s two major newspapers made it very clear that charter schools can be very problematic and do not provide better academic results to justify additional millions of dollars that could be directed towards struggling neighborhood public schools (“Chicago’s Noble charter school network has tough discipline policy; critics say too many students are being expelled,” Chicago Tribune, 4/7/14; “Charter schools show little difference in school performance,” Chicago Sun-Times, 4/7/14).

A research report released yesterday by the National Education Policy Center, “Wait, Wait. Don’t Mislead Me! Nine Reasons to Be Skeptical About Charter Waitlist Numbers,” concludes that charter advocates vastly overestimate the number of students on their waiting lists. No doubt because charter schools have not proven to be better than traditional schools, privatization promoters are using the “waiting list” argument to explain the urgent need for Congress to pay for more charter schools seats. Yet the truth is that even this argument is shaky.


  • Pay attention to the research, not the rhetoric about charter schools.
  • Demand more accountability for charter schools, including a requirement that they hold open, public meetings and provide transparency on student discipline and attrition.
  • Understand that what parents really want is a high-quality, well-funded neighborhood school.
  • Vote no on HR10 in its current form.

Thank you!

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